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Long-Form Journalism

Bringing the concept of "slow-journalism" to Maine, we take the time to properly research, write, and photograph our stories, design a beautiful finished product, and give you, the reader, ample time to thoroughly enjoy each issue before the next one comes to your door. The 160 page magazine leaves plenty of room for each piece to unfold naturally, and for full page photographic spreads. With a mix of in-depth articles, photo essays, poetry, and illustration, Maine the Way has something for everyone.  


Focus on the Reading Experience

We understand that when you get a magazine you actually want to read it, so we've stripped away all those pages of advertisements and give you 160 pages of real Maine content in each issue!

From the get-go it has been extraordinarily important to us to make the finest publication we feasibly can.  As such, the magazine features gorgeous heavy-weight uncoated paper giving a luxurious fine-art look, while the matte finished cover looks as good as any book.  It is printed right here in Maine with environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks, in a 100% wind-powered facility.  

Buy Yours Today!

The $25 price-tag allows us to create a content driven publication, rather than an advertisement based model, and every subscription helps us keep it that way!