1 Year!

Photos by: Sharyn Peavey

A night to remember. Just as the days were starting to shorten, we snuck into O’Maine Studios for an evening of celebration. The occasion was the first birthday of Maine the Way, but the festivities were about much more than that. On November 10th, we brought together a community of storytellers, thinkers, and many great brands to connect and make memories. 

It came together beautifully and left everyone with a smile plastered on their faces. 

Why was that the takeaway for so many, I wondered? There was no extravagant fondant cake or sixteen piece brass ensemble to heighten the mood. Rather, the night was quite simple. With delicious food provided by Dandelion Catering, drinks brought together from Poland Spring, Allagash Brewing, Goodfire Brewing, and Portersfield Cider, and event planning executed by Affuera Vida, the focus of the evening was about you — our all-star community!

Here’s a toast to you as we reflect on our birthday party and turn our gaze onto next year. You’re what it’s all about. You bring the fun, the stories, and the good vibes. Thanks for sharing them with us and we can’t wait to reconnect in 2019 for lots more of where this came from!


Cam & Christine

Christine Reighley