Spring has Sprung!


Happy First Day of Spring!  


Hope you all had a wonderful winter filled with snowball fights and stories from Issue 01: Winter.  You might be wondering when Issue 02: Spring will arrive at your doorstep.  


Photo by:  Greta Rybus

Photo by: Greta Rybus

As you may know, Cam and I were involved in a pretty severe car crash at the beginning of January.  We were rear ended at a stoplight by a car going criminal speeds.  While it has taken a while to recover from the trauma and repercussions of the accident, we’re very lucky it wasn’t worse for us.  We did, however, lose two months of productivity.  We couldn’t look at screens or do much of the cognitive function needed to meet the planned launch date for Issue 02: Spring.  It was sad, frustrating, and stressful.  

While we couldn’t be conventionally productive, we had weeks to reflect on what’s important to us at Maine the Way.  Family and friends showed up with strength and care.  We took day trips to museums and galleries throughout Maine while our own creativity was hiding to find inspiration from other artists.

Slowly, we’ve been getting back up to speed.  We love the work we do and it was so hard to put it aside as we prioritized our recovery.  Thank you all for your patience and support as we navigate this bumpy road.  We can’t wait to get Issue 02: Spring into your hands.  


Our goal is mid-to-late April, but when does spring in Maine come anyways?!


With love,

Christine & Cam