Calling 207

Hey Mainers! 

Does your community have any projects going on this summer?  Would it benefit from a a bit more assistance?

This summer Poland Spring is touring around Maine with their Calling 207 initiative, and lending helping hands, and some water of course, to community projects in need.  If you have an event worth visiting, submit your idea or vote for your favorite project.  To learn more check out the video below!

In addition to their hard work in Maine communities, the hydration station has also been making appearances at athletic events around the state.  We recently caught up with the Hydration Station at the finish-line of Maine's Beach to Beacon race. It was a hot day and the racers ran hard. Everyone seemed thrilled to have a place to fill their water bottles—not to mention something to cool them down!

Thanks, Poland Spring, for helping Mainers at the finish line, and for helping to reduce the need for plastic water bottles today.


Cam & Christine