It’s been a little while since we introduced ourselves and maybe some of you don’t know who we are, so we thought it would be fun to do a Q&A. Last week, we asked for any questions or curiosities you may have about us or what we do. Here’s the response! Please enjoy and feel free to ask further questions if we’ve left anything lingering.

First, describe each other in 5 words:


Cam is..







Christine is…






Are you Maine natives?

Christine is. Cam was born in Upstate New York, but likes to say he got here as quickly as he could! And has lived here for nearly ten years, so we’ve accepted him. Hope you do too!

Have you lived in Maine your whole life?

No. Cam hasn’t left since he first arrived, but Christine spent some time traveling around Europe and lived in Boston before moving back. She knew she’d end up here eventually, but had some sights to see before settling back.

What is your inspiration for this incredibly robust, long-form format?

We’ve always loved and appreciated the print medium. A few years ago, we came across the issue of The Collective Quarterly where they featured Penobscot Bay. It was beautifully done and we admired how they took the time to let the stories come out naturally. When we saw that, we felt like the whole state of Maine would benefit from long-form journalism. The stories of this state are much richer than a few hundred words and, since we had the Instagram platform, we decided to take the leap.

We are forever grateful for those who have supported the print edition. For many, we understand that print seems like a step backwards, but we felt that there’s no better way to sink into something than a hefty periodical filled with beautiful images and compelling tales.


Has MTW Brought you unexpected experiences / lessons that you didn’t anticipate?

Many! The publishing industry is wild. If we knew then what we know now…

What state in the US would you most like to see (and during what season)?

Alaska — in all seasons. Christine would love to backpack under the midnight sun and see the northern lights. Cam has been in the summer and winter, but wants see what fall has in store.

Who are your biggest sources of inspiration?

Mainers are a huge inspiration. From people we knew before to those we’ve met since embarking on this journey, everyone in this state has such a palpable passion. Before starting the print iteration, our favorite thing to do was travel around, meet people where they were, and listen to what they had to share. It’s been a natural transition into editorial and storytelling. Everyone in this state has a beautifully unique story that has led them to our conversation together. We love finding that spark. It fuels our fire.


What’s your favorite thing about Maine winter?

Everything! Our dogsledding trip with Mahoosuc Guide Service will always be a winter highlight. The magic after a fresh snow will never cease to amaze me. We love snowshoeing, skiing, and even playing frisbee out there. The key to a Maine winter is having activities you’re excited about! And warm meals with friends.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Maine?

One March, we were knee deep in cabin fever. On a whim, we decided to road trip up to our favorite seaside town and soak up the off season delights. Right down the street from Boyce’s Motel, where we were staying, we found Aragosta. We loved it so much we went back for brunch the next morning!

Where do you get your haircut?

Christine cuts her own hair. Cam visits Norm at the Senior Citizens Barber Shop in Longfellow Square.

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What’s your favorite place to explore?

Christine: The coast. Anywhere along the coast. If you’ve spent time in Maine, you know what I’m talking about. There’s nothing more healing than a waft of salty air and a chilly splash of the Atlantic elixir.

Cam: As an avid canoeist, I love the river systems of Maine. There’s serenity between put-in and take-out that I’ll always treasure.

What part of Maine are your posts from?

We do our best to feature as much of the state and as many different contributors as we can. The posts are from where the people are — so there’s always a good feature of lighthouses and towns. If we had more contributors from the animal kingdom, I imagine we’d see Maine from a totally new perspective.

Do you like your job?

Most of the time, yes. It’s a labor of love. It’s definitely not as glamorous as it looks, but the pros far outweigh the cons. The best part is getting to meet amazing people and work with so many talented artists throughout Maine. The second best part is whenever we’re not in Maine, we’re “not working”…


Do you believe Owls Head Light is haunted?

Don’t have enough information to comment, but always love a good conspiracy…

Do you want me to be your assistant?

That sure sounds nice! Maine the Way is actually a tiny production. We work from our apartment in Portland, so there legitimately is not space for more, but we have some exciting plans for this year and look forward to growth!

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How can photographers, writers, and other Maine-based creatives contribute?

We love connecting with artists looking to contribute or those with a story to share! Send us an email with a story idea or your portfolio. We’re always accepting submissions.

Do you have a 10 year goal you’re excited about?

Maine the Way is about sharing stories. It started as a platform to share the beauty of Maine. It has evolved into a print publication sharing stories from throughout the state. Down the road, “sharing stories” might take on another meaning. In 10 years, I’d love to have a thriving platform that supports and recognizes the amazing artists of this state, one that sheds light onto all parts of Maine. I’d love to have a space that brings people together, whether for an afternoon or an extended stay to share stories and make new ones. We’re excited for what’s ahead and the seemingly endless potential for Maine the Way, but also are committed to intentional growth and don’t want to stretch ourselves too thin.

When is the next issue out?

It’s being printed now!

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