The Gift of Maine... All Year Long!

Thinking about the perfect gift for your Maine lover.  We’ve made it pretty easy.  When you get a subscription of Maine the Way, you’re provided with login information where you can update your details.  



Step 1.  Get your subscription.  Ship it to yourself so you can put a bow on it. Keep the email with your subscription information, which gives you a link to log onto your account.  

Step 2.  Once you receive the package, log in to your account and update the address to the gift receiver so subsequent issues are shipped to them. 

Step 3.  Write a card that lets the gift receiver know this gift will keep giving throughout the year. 

Step 4.  Sit down together, flip through the pages, and enjoy!

Sharing human interest stories crosses all barriers.  With each issue of Maine the Way, we hope to find a different way to connect with you.  You don’t read about where to get the best lobster roll, but rather about how Mainers have perfected their craft to sustain them throughout all seasons in this great state. We hope these stories resonate both with residents yearning to learn more about their state, but also with travelers who seek a deeper connection on their journey through the Pine Tree State.