In the fall of 2014, Maine the way was born.

Christine Reighley was perusing Instagram on a trip back to Maine, enjoying the curated accounts of the Pacific Northwest's photographers and their beautiful mountains, stunning coastline, and urban culture.  "Maine is just as gorgeous..." she thought to herself, and decided then to create a curated Instagram account of Maine's beauty, featuring the photographers of this region.  

Fast forward to 2017 - @mainetheway is now the largest curated Instagram account in Maine with well over fifty-thousand followers.  Christine, and her partner, Cam Held, decide that it is time to take the concept of @mainetheway offscreen and onto paper.  Maine the Way is the culmination of this idea - a print publication that celebrates Maine through long form journalism, photography, and illustration.  We hope you enjoy.


Cam Held       Editor-in-Chief

Cam Held has had a lifelong passion for photography and the outdoors, and began by photographing semi-professionally for over 8 years. After graduating from Bates College with a degree in Geology, he has pursued photography, filmmaking, and writing full-time. He hopes that Maine the Way will be able to feature the amazing stories of Maine in a beautiful and meaningful way.

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Christine Reighley       Managing Editor

Having grown up on the coast of Maine, Christine is very much a product of her environment — she loves the sea, the woods, and the line where the two meet.  When she founded @mainetheway in 2014 she had no idea that the account would resonate with so many people.  Today, she is very excited to have a platform that supports the arts and artists of the state of Maine.

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